Friday, August 15, 2014

Monday, Aug. 15. 1864

A warm day.  A man who came to the well for water wants camphor for his stomachs’ sake.  Two colored men here, named Hale, one has enlisted and received $250.00 bounty, the other intends to enlist if he can get the same.  Mr. Randolph C. E. of B&O R. R. was here to dinner, also Linley Wilcox, who wants to borrow money to buy a farm.
      Noticed Bill Scott & Bill Sharp riding about together--they are both traitors & after no good.

      A gentlemanly stranger called and wanted supper --we were just eating, and invited him to partake with us -- he was a very handsome man.  He wanted to pay, handed Mrs. Cutler a dollar bill which she refused & William made him take again.  He said he had called at several places & no one would accommodate him, & he thought it would be late supper time before he could ride to Marietta--

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