Sunday, August 31, 2014

Wednesday Aug. 31. 1864

Mrs. Cutler & little Sarah at Mrs. Burgesses to dinner.  Mrs. Cutler came home leaving Sarah at her Grandmothers.  We went to Mrs. Demings to circle.  The Society sewed on Mrs. Demings materials for which she gave them $5.00.  A cool pleasant day.  Thomas Bailey had a melon party in the evening to which we were not invited.  Russel Norton was here today -- his son in law William Skipton has lost his arm in the service and is now in hospital at the South.  He has not received his pay for some months and his family at home are sick.  He writes to them to go to Mr. Cutler and get what they need.  I know of no greater compliment to a man than to see even political opponents instinctively turn to them in time of trouble.  We sent them tea, rice, and sugar.

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