Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Saturday Aug 27, 1864

James P. Carlin went home on the morning train.  David Irwin who used to live with us, was here to dinner to-day.  He is on his way home from California whither he went in 1854.  He appears to be an intelligent, steady, loyal man.  Nancy Carlin went home to attend Quarterly Meeting at the Methodist Church in Barlow of which she is a member.  James P. Walton returned to town.
The Copperheads in many places threaten to resist the draft.  In Dunham township which adjoins this they have their midnight meetings and say that they will neither serve if drafted or furnish substitutes--These are the kind of men who hide behind trees & rocks to shoot their victims but never come out in fair fight.  David B. Colder, Sylvester Ellenwood & his sons, and Jasper Needham are the leading and noisiest of the Dunham copperheads.

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