Friday, November 21, 2014

Monday Nov 21 1864

Rose early, eat breakfast, and Lucy and I waited for the omnibus which was late, we bearly reached the upper landing at Marietta in time to get aboard of the Leonore, a stern wheel steamer chartered to run in place of the Express now laid up for repairs -- dirty boat -- cross chamber maid --  Among the passengers was a Mrs. Walton of Paris Ill. very social -- A German woman dressed in grey silk who fancied she saw in me an old acquaintance & gave me a cordial greeting  -- A Mrs. Jennie Randolph of Woodsfield cousin of Cochran’s, Mr. Cadwallader of Marietta &c  -----  Weather cold and disagreeable dark before we got to Sunfish where Mrs. Walton & her husband left the boat.  Not much opportunity to notice the scenery, some fine views of river & hills.  Oil men on board were getting off at the different landings.  At Bull creek saw the oil floating on the river, many barrels piled up on the bank, with apparatus for digging &c.     Arrived at Wheeling about 2 o’clock Tuesday morning remained on board till morning--  Fare on boat $3.00.

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