Friday, November 7, 2014

Monday Nov. 7. 1864.

I expected to go home this morning but could not get my arrangements made so as to do so --  Mrs. Luther Barker of McConnelsville here to dinner.  I used to know her twenty five years ago.  She told me I reminded her very much of my mother, whom she remembered to have seen soon after her marriage with my father.
In the after noon I helped Mrs Dawes about some writing and just as I was preparing to start home Nancy came in, having come up on the afternoon train.  James P. Walton went down as far as Scotts Landing where brother William makes a speech to-night.  Col. Barker, Capt Henry Fearing, David Putnam, Stephen Newton and several other gentlemen & ladies were on the cars and got off to hear the Speech -- As I was getting on to the Cincinnati train, I met Ephe going to the Marietta train, he looked pale -- He came up to vote -- Martha sat up nearly all night sewing.

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