Sunday, November 23, 2014

Wednesday Nov. 23. 1864

Last evening we arrived at the station of West Alexander and inquired for the residence of Mr. McLean, before our question was answered a little boy presented himself and told us eagerly that he had a carriage for us and would take us to Mr. McLean’s      we soon found that this was Harte, the youngest of the family.  Arrived at the village we found Kate in the door awaiting us and glad to see us.  Mr. McLean who has been sick for six weeks, was suffering from a re-lapse, and unable to leave his bed.  Thomas the eldest son, is sick upstairs and Kate has her hands full.  Two of  Mr. McLean’s daughters who are teaching school at Middleton have been here for three weeks helping nurse but went back to their schools yesterday, thinking that their friends here were getting well.  The very cold weather of yesterday & today has acted unfavorably upon the disease, which is erysipelas fever which Mr. McLean caught at Martinsburg, where he went to labor among the sick and wounded of Sheridan’s army, as a member of the United States Christian Commission --
Mrs. Ely, Miss Jan Pollock, Mrs. Dr. Davidson, Dr. Davidson and Dr McKeehan called.  The latter is an old gentleman of 88 years, who was in Marietta about the year ’98 & wanted to talk about old times and early settlers of Ohio.  He is quite eccentric and rather hard of hearing.

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