Monday, November 14, 2011

Thursday Nov. 14

This morning Mr. and Mrs. Nehemiah Adams came on the train.  Mr. Adams is the youngest son of the late Tiffany Adams who came to Ohio in 1816.  During the sickly seasons between 1820 - 1824, Mr. Tiffany Adams and his wife (who was a sister of Uncle Torrey) and four sons all promising young men, died, leaving Nehemiah and Edward orphans.  They went back to Connecticut, are both Christian men and have both been prosperous in business.  Edward now lives in Balise, Central America.  He has but one child, a daughter, now pursuing her studies at Senard Institute, New York.  Mr. Nehemiah Adams is a manufacturer.  He lives at Jewett city, Conn., where he owns a large cotton mill, and also has interest in mills at Pomfret.  His wife is a cultivated, courteous, pleasing woman.  They have no children living.  I went with Mr. Adams to call at Mr. Bailey's and Mr. Joel Deming's and to see his old home on the Gilman farm.  We met Mr. Joseph Hutchinson who told us that it was reported that Jenkins with seven thousand men had come back to Guyandotte.  That they had seized the steamboat, Ohio No. 3 and two other steamers and three thousand of them were on their way to take Marietta.  He seemed a good deal excited but after inquiring into the matter I concluded it was too soon to be frightened.  It is probably a sensational rumor.
In the evening Mr. & Mrs. Joel Deming and Miss Emma Bruchlocker, Miss Betsey and Augustus S. Bailey and Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Bailey called to spend the evening with Mr. and Mrs. Adams.  William got home from Cincinnati this evening.

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