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Wednesday Nov. 13

I was up a great part of last night with little Sarah.  Answered Mr. Walton's letter.  Mrs. Terril housecleaning.
There is news of a terrible massacre at Guyandotte, Virginia.  One or two companies of Federal troops were stationed there.  Last Sabbath evening while a part of these troops were at church, and others had been invited to the houses of citizens, Jenkins and his band of desperadoes who were concealed near the town awaiting the preconcerted signal rushed in and aided by the citizens, male and female, murdered and captured about one hundred of the soldiers,  -- a most unprovoked and terrible thing.  Col. Bailey, who was a relative of the Baileys of this place, was among the dead.  He was wounded and then thrown from a high bridge and drowned.  Col. Ziegler who was at Point Pleasant on hearing of these things immediately went to Guyandotte.  His men burned the houses of those rebel citizens who had betrayed the slaughtered comrades.

Peggy's comments:
Little Sarah Cutler is Julia's niece, the daughter of William and Lizzie Cutler.  She was 5 years old in 1861.  Julia wrote to Mr. Walton, her brother-in-law from whom she had heard the previous day.

This from Harper's Weekly, November 23, 1861:

On Sunday night, Guyandotte, in Western Virginia, situated on the Ohio River, was attacked by six hundred rebels, and out of one hundred and fifty National troops stationed there, all but fifty were killed or taken prisoners. The rebel force afterward beat a hasty retreat, and nothing has since been heard of them, though a body of National troops has been sent in pursuit. Our troops afterward fired the town of Guyandotte, and it was entirely destroyed.

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