Saturday, November 19, 2011

Tuesday Nov. 19

Nancy washed.  Mrs. Terril cleaned the dining room and Lizzie's room.  Kate and Lizzie made cloth cloak for the latter.
The Confederate commissioners, Mason of Virginia and Slidell of Louisisana, have been captured by Com. Wilkes of the War Steamer San Jacinta.  They were taken from the British mail steamer Trent in the Bahama Channel while on the way to Europe and brought to Fortress Monroe. 
William went to Chillicothe.

Peggy's comments:
Nancy Carlin was an employee of the Cutler household and Mrs. Terril came occasionally to help with the cleaning.  Kate Dawes and Lizzie Cutler were close in age and had grown up near to each other.
The Confederate commissioners, James M. Mason and John Slidell, had been sent to Europe by Jefferson Davis not in an official capacity but as gentlemen,  to discuss establishing ties with France and England.  It was believed that European countries would be willing to do so because of the need for cotton.   Mason and Slidell were captured by Commander Wilkes from a British ship, Trent.  Wilkes was applauded in the United States as a hero.  The capture, however, caused diplomatic difficulties for the United States.  The British complained that the seizure aboard one of their vessels had violated their neutral rights.  For details, see the Wikipedia article or infoplease.

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