Sunday, November 27, 2011

Wednesday Nov. 27

Lizzie has been getting ready for Thanksgiving tomorrow.  I read Gazette.  It is apprehended that the rebels in western Virginia are organizing for guerrilla warfare.  William came home from Chillicothe.  He met on the cars Capt. Parril of the 53" regiment  He spoke of Ephe as a first rate officer and said he was beloved not only by the officers but by every man in the regiment and that he is very correct and efficient.  None of the officers of that regiment are drinking men.  Ephe came home sick with cold.

Peggy's comments:
I wonder if by reading the Cincinnati Gazette Julia was staying out of Lizzie's way as she was preparing for Thanksgiving!
Ephraim Dawes, Julia's nephew, seems to be frequently on leave from service with the 53rd Ohio.  This was somewhat typical in the early days of the Civil War.
Marietta's proximity to western Virginia--it was just across the Ohio River--caused anxiety for the Cutlers, even though the western Virginia was in the process of forming a new state, separate from Virginia.

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