Friday, March 7, 2014

Monday, March 7th, 1864

Rosa is still away, Mr. Burgess’s have a turkey dinner to which Mr. & Mrs. Cutler, Col & Mrs Dawes & Miss Dawes went -- leaving Betty & Sarah at home with me.  Had old Hocking here to wait on, dinner to get & clean away, bread to make & coffee to brown, in the midst of which a Mr. & Mrs. Johnson relatives of Walter Chalfont’s came to wait for a boat to go to Belle Air.  Our folks came home to supper, after which they all went to Marietta the Johnsons concluding to go and stay on the wharf boat as the surer way to get a boat -- A Rev. Mr. McElroy, an agent for the American Tract Society, came to let William have an opportunity to contribute to their fund, which he did, after expressing fully his views of their past course & present action.  He went back on the train.  Rosa returned this evening.  I was very tired.

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