Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Saturday, March 5th, 1864

Eliza Carlin went on the cars this morning her brother James is no better but rather worse, and it is feared will not recover.  She expects to remain with him.  I am very sorry for them, he is a brave & gallant soldier & so young, I wish he might be spared. ------ I wrote to day on the Memorial of Annie & put the house in order.  On the evening train Lt. Col. Dawes and his wife, Lucy, & Betty Gates arrived.  Rufus is quite lame still, the ankle being much swolen.  Lucy has a letter from Kate who appears to be very happy.  I am thankful.

Peggy's comments:
Happily, Rufus R. Dawes, who would soon leave Ohio to return to battle, survives the war and returns to Mary.  During their life time together, Rufus and Mary Gates Dawes wrote frequent letters to one another whenever they were separated.  I have recently published a book which includes letters and journal entries, primarily written by Rufus.  The Dawes House is available at  More information can be found at The Dawes House tab at the top of this page.

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