Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Saturday, March 19, 1864

Busy preparing for the Sabbath.  Barbara Morgan, the little maid who helps in the kitchen went home after dinner to spend the Sabbath.
William went to town, Mrs. Dawes has not yet returned from Pennsylvania, prevented by sick headache, will probably come next Monday.  Mrs. Lt. Col. Dawes got back last night -- her husband having brought her to Wheeling & placed her on the Packet boat and then turned his face to the Army of the Potomac.

Peggy’s notes:
Rufus Dawes wrote to his wife Mary after he sent her back to Marietta and he returned to the Army of the Potomac:

Near Culpepper March 24, 1864 
I can’t tell you how I pitied you when I saw you almost fall down before you could start on the boat and how glad I was to see you able to come out and wave your handkerchief at me. Keep a good heart.  I am coming out all right.

March 27, 1864     
It was I who raised the hat at the car window and I had been watching and hoping all the way to catch another glimpse of you and know that you were safely through the pain of parting that seemed to paralyze you so at the omnibus.

Throughout their lives, Rufus and Mary Dawes wrote to one another whenever they were apart.  For a selection of family letters, see the tab at the top of the page, The Dawes House.

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