Monday, March 17, 2014

Thursday, March 17, 1864

Emeline McClure called to inquire after Lizzie’s & Sarah’s health.  Sarah is really better, but Lizzie had a sick night.  Female prayer meeting here this afternoon.  Mrs. McClure, Mrs. W. D. Bailey, Ellen & Lizzie Bailey were here, there will be another meeting here next Thursday.
We learn from the Cincinnati papers that the 53d (Ephe’s Regiment), passed through the city on the 15th “on its way to the front” in company of two or three other regiments, “veterans” returning to the field.  The 53d is now 800 strong having received 200 recruits while at home.  It has a good reputation for drill, endurance, and courage.  May God in great mercy watch over them all, and deliver them in the time of peril and make them & others successful in putting down the rebellion, sustaining the Government, and establishing Freedom to all, everywhere.

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