Monday, March 3, 2014

Thursday, March 3d, 1864

        Mrs. Cutler, little Sarah & I went to W. D. Bailey’s to female prayer meeting besides Mrs. Bailey & her daughters, Mrs. Joel Deming and Mrs. Lavina McClare were there.
A man called about sunset & inquired if Mr. Cutler lived here & was at home.  Then said “his mare was much fagged” & he wished to spend the night.  I invited him in and found him to be Mr. David Hughs who lived near Ostend P. O.  He is a native of Wales -- a ‘Christian’ preacher & a loyal man -- very anti-slavery.  Quite a student of the prophecies, some of which he interprets on a plan of his own -- for instance he considers Moab to be the type of American Slavery and argues that slavery will be destroyed this present year.  He thinks that this epoch is one of the most remarkable in the history of the world and that God is about to deliver his chosen ones in some remarkable manner, he is looking for great change and events in the next five years.  
Old Mrs. Finch died this morning aged 92.

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