Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Friday Aug. 30

I took care of William last night and feel rather badly today.  Polly and I called on Mrs. W. D. Bailey and toward evening we went up to the graveyard, to see the graves of the household.  I had never seen Henry's headstone before.  I like it much.  Mr. Dean and Ephe went to town to see the Amesville volunteers but they had gone to Virginia.  They however forwarded to them a box of provisions &c. which were sent to them from home.  They belong to the 36th regiment which William did so much for.  The Transfer has been busy all day taking them down.  In the evening Capt. Moore's company passed.  They are Warren and Barlow boys.  They cheered as they passed.

Peggy's comments:
The graveyard Julia refers to was near where they lived and is the Riverview Cemetery, also known as the Gravel Bank Cemetery.  In it are buried Julia's parents, her nephew Henry Dawes, several of the young children of William and Lizzie Cutler, and a few other family members.
Riverview Cemetery.  The children of Lizzie and William Cutler are buried this side of the tall monument which is where Julia's parents, Ephraim Cutler and Sally Parker Cutler, are buried.

Monument to Ephraim Cutler and his wives:  Leah Atwood Cutler and Sally Parker Cutler.  Standing next to the monument are Rich and Peggy Dempsey.

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