Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Saturday Aug. 31

This morning we were awakened by an earthquake about five o'clock.  It made the windows shake and rattle.  Mr. and Mrs. Dean went home today.  Lizzie sent provisions to the soldiers guarding the railroad.

Peggy's comments:
I searched but found no record of an earthquake in Ohio on August 31, 1861.

Mr. and Mrs. Dean are William's half-sister and her husband.  I'm not sure where "home" is for them.

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  1. Mary/Polly Cutler married Gulliver Dean, an ancestor of mine. They lived 3 miles north of current Amesville on a farm given them by her father Ephraim Cutler. His farm was adjacent although he moved from it in 1806 and built the Old Stone House. They needed to be nearer medical help due to the 1st Mrs. Cutler's TB. Richard Dean, Athens, OH