Sunday, August 21, 2011

Wednesday Aug. 21

William's fever not so high today.  Mr. Terril, his son Henry, John & Wesley Hufford, Otis Bickford and Hiram Skipton have all joined the 36" regiment, also Ezekiel Roberts.  These are all from families, living on our land, and are a pretty good contribution for one farm to the cause of our country.  Lucy and I take care of William tonight.

Peggy's comments:
Julia's father, Ephraim Cutler and his first wife, Leah Atwood, moved west from Connecticut in 1795.  They had settled first in Ames, Ohio, but when Leah became ill with consumption, they decided to move closer to Marietta where there was a doctor.  Ephraim leased his farm and moved to Belpre near Marietta in 1806.  He had 160 acres of uncleared land and acquired several small adjoining lots.  He began to build the house of stone in which he would live for the remainder of his life.  In November 1807, before the stone house was finished, his wife Leah Atwood Cutler died.  They had four children living at home.  Ephraim married Sally Parker the following spring and together they had five additional children:  Sarah, Manasseh, William, Julia, and Clara Cutler.  Manasseh died in childhood.   It was a close, loving, mutually supportive family.  Ephraim's second wife Sally died in 1846 and Ephraim died in 1853.   William and Julia continued to live in the house, by now called the "Old Stone House".

The Life and Times of Ephraim Cutler, written primarily by Julia Cutler, has been digitized by Google.

Lucy Dawes is a niece of Julia and William (she is a daughter of Sarah Cutler Dawes).

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