Saturday, August 20, 2011

Tuesday, Aug. 20

Cleaned out garden paths.  Miss Mary Cone and her brother Timothy called this afternoon.  She has just returned from Chicago.  Looks in fine health.  She thinks of associating Miss Long of St. Louis with her in the school, a good arrangement.  Sarah and Marion came down this evening from town.  William still a little delirious.

Peggy's comments:
Miss Mary Cone and her brother Timothy were descendants of Timothy Cone, one of the original settlers in Constitution (Warren Township).  Miss Long is unknown to me.

Sarah is Sarah Cutler Dawes, Julia's sister who is the mother of Kate, Lucy, Jane, Rufus and Ephraim Dawes, all grown.  Kate lived with the William Cutlers in the Old Stone House, Lucy lived in town (Marietta) and was a teacher, Jane was married to a missionary and they were living in Persia, Rufus was serving with the 6th Wisconsin Volunteers and was currently a Captain.  In August of 1861 he was camped near Washington, D.C. and had not yet seen battle. Ephraim lived in Marietta but was frequently helping his Uncle William with business matters.

Marion is frequently mentioned by Julia, but I haven't been able to learn if she was a friend or if she was somehow related.

Effective treatment for typhoid was not available in the 1860s.  The disease lasted four weeks and was characterized by a high fever and delirium.  William fell ill on August 9 and so was in the second week of the illness.

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