Monday, August 15, 2011

Thursday, Aug. 15

The Doctor says that William's fever will run seven days counting from this morning.  He complains of his head.  The doctor says he must not see visitors.  Ephraim has returned from Gallipolis where he went to secure a company from Gallia county for the thirty sixth regiment.  He will relieve William of business cares.  Lucy spent the day with Maggie.  Gen.  Lyon was killed in the battle near Springfield, Missouri, while cheering his men on to victory.  Our force is stated at from five to eight thousand, the enemy twenty two or twenty three thousand.  It was a drawn battle, both armies retreating from the field; the Federal troops under Gen. Sigel falling back in good order upon Rolla.   Our loss in killed and wounded said to be eight hundred, the enemy's loss much more.  Sarah took care of William last night.  Lizzie and I expect to sit up tonight.

Peggy's comments:
Concern for Julia's brother William continues.  I can only imagine how sick he was being made by the medicines.

Nephew Ephraim Dawes, who was 21 years old and not yet enlisted in the Army, was quite helpful to the family.

Once again, reports from the battlefield mis-estimated numbers of troops and casualties.  Estimates from sources recounting the battles still vary but here are some numbers which are probably more accurate than the ones reported by Julia:
Federal troops:  5,400
Confederate troops:  12,000

Federal troops killed and wounded:  1,300
Confederate troops killed and wounded:  1,200

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