Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Saturday Sept. 21

Sarah and Marion came down on the cars this morning.  We were very glad to see them.
The papers tonight speak of the critical state of Col. Mulligan at Lexington, Mo., who is surrounded by a large rebel force under M'Cullough and Price.  Reinforcements are on the way but may not reach him in time.  Two steamboats loaded with ammunition have fallen into the hands of the enemy.
Mr. Durand, Superintendent of the M & C R.R. spent an hour with William today.

Peggy's comments:

Sarah Cutler Dawes is Julia's sister who lived 6 miles away in Marietta.

The siege at Lexington, Mo, was not going well for Col. Mulligan of the Union.  His forces had holed up at a former college campus, but had not built their defenses to include adequate water.  They expected reinforcements, but none came.

William Cutler, six weeks into his illness from typhoid, may be on the mend at last since he was able to meet with Mr. Durand of the Marietta & Cincinnati Rail Road.

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