Friday, September 23, 2011

Monday, Sept. 23

Lucy and little Sarah went up to town with Sarah and Marion.  Lt. Col. Clark and Major Andrews were here to dinner.  Major Andrews has been to Cincinnati by order of Gen. Rosecrans to purchase supplies for the 36" regiment (or as it is sometimes called the Cutler regiment", blankets, tents, &c.  He is in good spirits and speaks of their late expedition as "a grand, good time".  They expect to leave Parkersburg, that is, the four companies still there, will leave the latter part of this week to join Gen, Rosecrans at Somersville.  Col. Clark says Gen. Rosecrans has at least 40,000 men.  Capt. Moore and Mr. Tuttle here this evening on business.  Capt. Moore has been sick and had hard times in the service, severe marching and short rations.  Does not much like Slemmer.

Peggy's comments:
The Cutler women moved easily from the Old Stone House where Julia lived to Marietta, Ohio which was six miles away.  They seemed to frequently visit with each other and took care of one another.  Sarah Cutler Dawes was Julia's older sister and had been separated from her husband, Henry Dawes, for many years.  Lucy was one of Sarah's daughters who ran a school in Marietta.  Little Sarah was the daughter of William and Lizzie Cutler and was 5 years old in 1861.

Major Andrews had formerly served as a minister of the church that Julia Cutler attended.

Adam J. Slemmer  was a West Point graduate and also taught at West Point during the 1850s.

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