Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Saturday Sept. 28

Lucy and Marion went up to town on the cars this morning.  Three soldiers stopped at the well for water, and asked me for grapes.  I told them, "certainly" and they went out and helped themselves to Catawbas which are now ripe and good.  A few hours afterwards two other soldiers knocked and asked for grapes.  They said they looked so tempting and they did not now have a chance to have such things.  They belonged to the 36", Capt. Adney's company.  We asked them to come in and get some dinner, but they said, no, the grapes were sufficient.  On inquiry I found they went from Amesville.  One was a Wyatt.  He said their service in Virginia had comprised a good deal of hard marching.  Major Slemmer was severe but he had no doubt if called into battle he would put them through in good style.  
Still dull, cloudy weather.  Lizzie sent the soldiers a nice meat piece.

Catawba Grapes

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