Sunday, September 25, 2011

Wednesday, Sept. 25

Such repeated reverses are very depressing and I almost feel as if God had forsaken us.   If He indeed contends with us it is in vain to fight.  
Mr. Stephen Newton called to see William today, also Major Andrews who was taking Mrs. Andrews and Mrs. Clark to Parkersburg.
This evening Ephraim returned from Portsmouth.  Col. Appler promises him the adjutancy of the 53" regiment.  I hope it is for the best but I am sorry to have him placed in a situation of peril, yet God can keep him there.  We leave him and Rufus in His hands.
Mr. Haskins and Mr. Wm. Buell came here to get letters of recommendation for some appointment.  Ephe went back to town with them.
There are further details of the affair at Lexington, Mo.  A large sum of money fell into the hands of the rebels.  It is now said that those who should have reinforced the brave Mulligan are now beseiging Price at Lexington and Fremont is about to take the field.  May the blessing of God go with him and give victory to his arms.

Peggy's comments:
Like many people, Julia believed that the cause of the Union was just and that God could not possibly support the institution of slavery.  It is difficult for her to reconcile her belief in a just God with the recent Union losses.

She also worries about her nephews, Rufus and Ephraim Dawes, who were in harm's way.

And as to the affair at Lexington, Missouri:   money did fall into the hands of the rebels but in a few weeks, the money would be returned to the local bank.

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