Thursday, July 19, 2012

Saturday, July 19, 1862

William went to Marietta and attended the military meeting and made them a speech.  Mr. Stimson, the Editor of the Register requested a copy of it for his next paper.  As it was extemporaneous William will have to write it out.  Kate and I have been filing away his letters and papers today.  There are a great many of them.  I find a great many thanking him for the speech he made in Congress, April 23rd.  Many of them are highly complimentary.
Annie is beginning to cough.  We are apprehensive that it may be whooping cough.
The rebels have invaded Indiana and captured hospital stores at Newburgh.
Mr. Morris of Fairfield & Mr. James Morris of Barlow came to look at cattle which they wish to buy.  They stayed to dinner.

Peggy's comments:
I hadn't really thought about it, but I assume that many speeches were "extemporaneous" and were then "written" and published in the newspaper.  What people read was not exactly what people had heard!

The speech William made in Congress on April 23 was entitled:  SLAVERY--A PUBLIC ENEMY, AND OUGHT THEREFORE TO BE DESTROYED; A NUISANCE THAT MUST BE ABATED.  Read more about it in Julia's journal entry of April 6, 1862.

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