Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Thursday, July 3, 1862

Began to cut wheat on the Bottom.  Seven hands at it.  George cradles two at work with sickles where the wheat is down, the others rake and bind.  
We were invited with Rhoda to Mr. Burgess' to dinner.  The children and all went.  
Six days fight at Richmond, terrible slaughter.  Our loss from 10 to 20,000.  McClellan at Malvern Hill on James River under cover of gunboats.  He is being reinforced by Shield's division and M'Dowell's.
Rhoda and Dewey went home on the cars.

Peggy's comments:
What was known as the Seven Days' Battles had their climax on July 1 at Malvern Hill, Virginia.  Lee mistakenly thought that Confederate General Armistead was making headway and urged further assault to try to dislodge McClellan.  The result was heavy losses on both sides.  McClellan retreated, unable to capture Richmond.  Here is an account of the battles as printed in Harper's Weekly, July 19, 1862.  And a summary of the battles with the perspective of time.

And a collection of telegrams sent by General George B. McClellan.

And writings of Abraham Lincoln, including telegraph messages to George McClellan.

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