Sunday, July 1, 2012

Tuesday, July 1, 1862

Lizzie has put up a dozen cans of currants today and made about 30 pounds of cherries into sweet pickles.
The report of fighting near Richmond is confirmed.  Gen. McClellan has withdrawn his forces from the Chickahominy with his artillery and stores.  The supply fleet has left the York and gone to James River which will hereafter be the base of operations.  The war department will not permit any news to be telegraphed but we suppose there is still fighting.  God grant there may not be disaster.  
Mrs. Rhoda, M. S. Cutler (wife of Rev. Temple Cutler, Chaplain to the Ninth Maine) came down to visit us this evening.  She had with her Dewey Follett her nephew four years old.  Cloudy.

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