Friday, July 27, 2012

Sunday, July 27, 1862

Mr. Curtis preached as usual at half past two o'clock.  William told him if he would select the books he would give him 20 dollars for the Sabbath School Library.  
I was talking with William this morning about the state of the country and he said that the present state of America may result in agitation and revolution in Europe.  The lack of cotton occasions distress which may produce popular outbreaks.
[A section of the journal is smudged out and unreadable.]
Sarah has coughed a little for three days.  We think she is taking whooping cough.

Peggy's comments:
I believe that Julia and her brother William often talked about the state of the country.  As a Congressman from Ohio, William was particularly interested in rumors of agitation in Europe.

In some instances, someone in possession of Julia's journals attempted to obliterate parts of the entries.  One can only speculate about who would have believed that something Julia wrote should be remain private.

Little Sarah is William and Lizzie's 6 year old daughter, Sarah Julia Cutler.

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