Thursday, July 5, 2012

Saturday, July 5, 1862

A quiet but anxious day.  Lucy came down in the evening to stay until Monday.  No additional news.  We do not think that Rufus was in the fight, but may be in the reinforcements McDowell sent McClellan and may at any moment be called to the struggle.  He is in the hand of God & He alone can keep him.  
Mr. Sturling who struck Mr. D. B. Calder & seriously injured him was tried today before S. G. Hollister & acquitted.  Mr. Calder's better but not able to be moved home.  Sturling was acquitted on the ground that Calder used threatening language, and entered Sturling's house after he was forbidden and forcibly lead the boy out. 

Peggy's comments:
The uncertainty of the families at home is shown in this journal entry.  Rufus was safely camped at Fredericksburg, but the Cutlers had no way of being sure that he wasn't marching to battle.

On June 26, Julia wrote about the attack of Mr. Sturling on Mr. Calder.

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