Monday, July 9, 2012

Wednesday, July 9, 1862

Mrs. Dawes came with Lizzie yesterday.  Kate went to town today taking Annie with her.  She will purchase articles to send in a box to Ephraim by Mr. Morrison.  Mrs. W. D. Bailey came in hastily this afternoon asking if we had seen her little Charlie.  She had left him asleep on the lounge and gone into the garden to pick currants, leaving him alone in the house.  When she came in he was gone.  She had searched the premises but did not find him.  She was very much alarmed.  Mrs. Dawes, Nancy and I went to help search.  At last I found a little track in a moist place in the road.  It was going up.  Mrs. Bailey and I found him at George W. Bailey's.  
Letters from Rufus. Gov. Solomon of Wisconsin has telegraphed to him his appointment as Major.  Rufus has been a week sick with bilious fever but is better now.

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