Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Thursday, June 26, 1862

Commencement day at Marietta College.  Maggie, Lizzie, & Mrs. Burgess, here to dinner -- I wrote a letter to Clara  --  Mr. D. B. Calder was dangerously hurt by Laluthiel Sturling this morning  -- John Sturling, a boy, had been bound to Mr. Calder and lived with him some years, and was treated as one of the family -- yesterday he ran away.  This morning Mr. Calder went to Mr. Sturlings' who lives on Hocking near Mr. Neidhams, where he found John and was just coming out of the house with him when Mr. Sturling met him at the door and with a club struck him senseless and left him on ground weltering in his gore & escaped & secreted himself -- Mr. Calder came to himself, rose to his feet & went toward Mr. Neidham's house crying "murder! murder!"  He was helped into the house & immediately went into convulsions.  Dr. Biebe & Mrs. Calder were immediately sent for.  The Dr. pronounced the case a doubtful one saying he had seen wounds less severe prove fatal.  Kate went down to Mrs. McClure's on the cars this evening & learned the particulars. 

Peggy's comments:
I find Mr. D. B. Calder alive and well in the 1880 Census still living in Washington County, Ohio with his wife Mary and children Flora, William, Stella and Rollin.  Mr. Calder worked in a store in 1880 (according to the census).  I find no record of the Sturlings.

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