Saturday, June 16, 2012

Monday, June 16, 1862

Mrs. Franey washes.  Mr. Henry Skipton died yesterday.
Mr. James Reppert called here with his daughter this morning.  Mr. Reppert has two sons in the army, Byron who belongs to the Pierpoint battery, andJacob who has joined the Putnam guards and is now at Camp Chase.
Elizabeth and Mary Deming, Louisa Carpenter, &c called to tell Marion goodby.  She is to start for Minnesota to-morrow.  Kate is almost tired out getting her ready.  Marion made several calls today.  She seems sad as the time of departure approaches.  Kate went again to see Dyer McClure.  She thinks he has failed much since she last saw him.
Mrs. Dawes came in the cars, to take leave of Marion.  She will stay here tomorrow.  

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