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Saturday, June 28, 1862

Kate got a letter from Rufus this morning.  He was then at Fredericksburg.  There is a prospect, though not a certainty that he may be made Major of the 6th Wisconsin.  A petition to that effect has been sent to the Governor signed by a large majority of the regimental and company officers.  If it is best for him I hope that he will get the appointment for he is worth of it.
We also had a letter from Rev. Mr. Riggs saying that Marion Robertson was married at St. Paul Minnesota to Alex. Hunter, June 21st.  Mr. Riggs performing the ceremony.
We had Mr. Lyman Hart, Mrs. Joel Deming, Mr. and Mrs. Goff, Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Bailey, Mrs. E. S. E. Bailey, Maggie Voris and Lucy Dawes here to tea.  Charlie Gates went home this evening.

Peggy's comments:
Julia's nephew (and Kate's brother) Rufus R. Dawes was a Captain with the 6th Wisconsin and was with the Army of the Potomac.  Up to this point, he had not seen much action.  He writes in his journal:

Monday, June 16, 1862
Colonel Cutler ordered the seniority question settled by lot.  Captains Dill, Hooe, Hauser and I repaired to the Colonel's headquarters.  The Colonel put four scraps of paper into his hat, marked severally 1, 2, 3, and 4.  The drawing resulted:  Dawes, 1; Hooe, 2; Hauser, 3; Dill, 4.  Much favored by fortune.  Lieutenant Colonel Sweet sent in his resignation to-day.  Now comes a tug of war.  Colonel Cutler wants Haskell appointed Major.

Tuesday, June 17th, 1862
Colonel Cutler has asked an expression of the officers for Major.  A caucus called for to-night.  _______deserts me and works for Haskell.  O, treachery!  Was appointed officer of the brigade guard, and did not attend the caucus.  Final vote:  Haskell, thirteen, Dawes, fourteen.

Wednesday, June 18, 1862
A very exciting day in the regiment.  No report made of the caucus.  It did not come out right.  Captain Brown battles for me like a hero.  Haskell told me he should get the appointment if he could.  I told him, I should do the same, as it was my right in order of rank, and we shook hands over it.  Sent my papers to Bill Vilas.  He will give them a hustle if he gets the papers in time.  Major Bragg works hard for me.  He says, 'this attempt to dragoon the officers into over-riding the rights of captains, will not win.'

Friday, June 20th, 1862
Colonel Cutler, General Gibbon, General King, and I suppose, all Madison, Wisconsin, recommend Haskell.  Lieutenant Colonel Sweet, Major Bragg, seven Captains, fourteen Lieutenants, and three regimental staff officers recommend my appointment.

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