Monday, June 4, 2012

Wednesday, June 4, 1862

After Banks' retreat into Maryland the call of the government for more troops has met a prompt response from all the loyal states.  Ohio has not been behind her sisters.  A paper says:  "A son of glorious Massachusetts said his state would send all her inhabitants if needed and if that wasn't enough she'd go herself."  And so will the gallant Buckeye State.  The Putnam Guards got together by the efforts of Judge W. R. Putnam are already in Columbus ready to "do or die".  A large proportion of them are students from Marietta College.  The returns of the assessors give Washington Co. 1328 soldiers.  The Intelligencer thinks is below the real number.  Morgan Co. has 732.
William came back from Chillicothe.  The Rev. S. R. Riggs of the Dacotah Mission came on the same cars to visit Mr. Burgess.

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