Saturday, June 2, 2012

Monday, June 2, 1862

William went down to the Tunnel this morning but was about home most of the day.  His speech on "slavery" the 23rd of April has elicited complimentary and approving letters from many gentlemen.  Among them are Lewis Tappan, G. B. Cheever, James A. Hamilton, Horace Greely, Gerrit Smith, Alphonso Taft, etc.  The earnest anti slavery men are much pleased with it.
He called on theSecretary of War to talk about the manner in which the Ohio troops were treated after the battle of Shiloh.  Mr. Stanton told him that he felt it keenly himself and assured him no injustice should be done them in the department.  He said that "there was a brigade of liars accompanying every division of the army whose sole business it was to puff Commanders no matter at whose expense.  But, he felt sure that in the end the Ohio troops would have justice done them."  Many Ohio members consider the making of W. T. Sherman a Major General an outrage.  The news today is that McClellan had a fight near Richmond Saturday in which he repulsed the enemy.  The rebels however renewed the attack next day and were again repulsed.  We anxiously await further tidings.  Sarah and Lucy were down to spend the night.  Messrs. B. C. and A. S. Bailey spent the evening here talking over the state of the country.

Peggy's comments:
The Tunnel refers to a railroad station not far from Marietta.  It seems to have had some shops and was a gathering place for local folks.

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