Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Thursday, June 19, 1862

Kate came home on the morning train.  Dyer died between two and three o'clock last night.  He was aware that he was dying, talked much but his throat was very sore and they could understand but little.  His bodily sufferings were very great.  He has laid his young hopeful life an offering, upon the altar of his country unmurmuringly.  May it not be a vain sacrifice.  Mrs. Bailey wrote some beautiful verses which she sent to Mrs. McClure.  George Cutter went to Marietta for the coffin.  The funeral took place at four o'clock this afternoon.  Mr. H. B. Scott officiated.  There was a large attendance of sympathizing friends.  His wounded leg mortified before his death.  Typhoid pneumonia brought on by fatigue and exposure and the exhaustion from his wound, has placed him in his grave before he was nineteen years old.

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