Friday, June 1, 2012

Sabbath, June 1, 1862

About sundown yesterday a thunder storm commenced which continued nearly all night with a copious fall of rain.  Quite early in the morning the regular Wheeling packet "Express" (due at 9 o'clock last night) stopped and sent William ashore in the yawl.  The boat had been delayed by twice grounding upon bars and by the storm which compelled them to lie up for some hours.  He was obliged to come by way of Harrisburg  Pa., as the Baltimore and Ohio road by the retreat of Gen'l Banks has fallen into Jackson's hands at Martinsburg.  It is believed that the rebels will be able to hold it but a very short time.
Rev. E. B. Scott read a sermon in the morning.  Rev. C. D. Curtis preached at four o'clock in the afternoon.  Both gentlemen came here to tea and to spend the night.

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