Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Friday, June 20, 1862

I wrote an obituary notice of Dyer B. McClure and appended these lines composed by Mrs. Elizabeth S. E. Bailey.

"Rest, rest thee, weary soldier,
Thy toilsome march is o'er,
The trumpet and the war cry
Shall thrill thy heart no more.

"His country's summons heeding
In the hour of deadly strife
He has laid upon her altar
His young, brave, earnest life.

"God help the widowed mother
And be her strength and shield
Four other sons are marshalled
Upon the battlefield.

"Oh! what weary, anxious waiting
What restlessness, what woe,
For the fate of her beloved ones
Must the soldier's mother know."

We sent the notice to the Marietta Register which is the name of the Republican newspaper which is to take the place of the "Marietta Intelligencer" and of the "Home News", both of which papers Mr. Stimson has bought out.  He will issue the first number of his paper next week.
We -- that is, Lizzie and the two children (Annie and Sarah, who were included in the invitation) and myself, after an early breakfast took the cars for Belpre.  Mr. Geo. Dana, Jr., was waiting with carriages at the Belpre station for us and Mrs. Rebecca Nye and Mrs. Goddard who were on the cars going to Mr. Dana's also.  We met a cordial welcome from the wife and father of Mr. Dana and from the two sisters, Mrs. Emily Dodge and Mrs. Mary Lynn who are there on a visit.  We spent the day very pleasantly.  I have not been at Mr. Dana's for twenty years I think.  The place is much improved, the grounds beautiful, evergeens and many rare roses and other shrubs are scattered about.  He took us out to see his plantation of evergreens, &c.  Mrs. Wm. Pitt Putnam was there to tea and Miss Polly Benedict called.  Mrs. Putnam's son-in-law, Mr. Wilcox who was taken prisoner some months ago in Tennessee and was believed to be dead, has lately got home having been exchanged.  Coming home on the cars we found Mrs. Stanwood, sister of N. L. Wilson.  At home found Lucy with Kate who did not feel well enough to go with us today.

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