Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Thursday, June 12, 1862

As I sat reading last night I chanced about 11 o'clock to look out of the window and saw that the moon was partially eclipsed.  I accordingly sat up until long after midnight and had the pleasure of seeing a total eclipse of the moon.  The night was clear and I watched the shadow until the bright moon was entirely enshrouded and then saw the eastern portion show itself like a new moon, when I retired to bed.  As I am not a close student of the almanac it was purely accidental that I had an opportunity to observe for the first time in my life a total eclipse of the moon.  
Mrs. B. C. Bailey called with an invitation from Mrs. Dickey to Lizzie and me to take tea there this afternoon which we accepted.  We met there, Mrs. H. D. Wilson, Mrs. B. C. Bailey, Mrs. A. S. Bailey, Mrs. Goff, Mrs. Hart and Miss Mary Hart.  
Today's paper brings an account of a hard fought battle on Sunday, June 8th, at Cross Keys between Fremont's forces and the rebel general Jackson.  
Kate went on the train this evening to see Dyer B. McClure and took him some strawberries.

Peggy's comments:
Cross Keys on June 7, 1862

The battle at Cross Keys was a victory for Stonewall Jackson and the Confederacy.  An account of the battle is here.

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