Friday, August 31, 2012

Sabbath, Aug. 31, 1862

This is the last day of summer.  Another season is gone and still clouds and darkness are over our land.  What country ever raised such a volunteer army as ours, intelligent, brave, self sacrificing, -- a million of men under arms to sustain the government and put down the rebellion.  This army comprising the flower of our youth, our educated men, the pride and hope of our country, presents the strange spectacle of going into the struggle, with no talented competent leader.  For a time the national hope and faith was in Gen. Scott who "never lost a battle", then Gen. M'Clellan "the rising young hero" was hailed as a deliverer.  In vain.  We cast our eyes longingly upon Fremont, Buell, Halleck, Pope.  No man equal to the exigences of the times has arisen.  William says "it is not men for the ranks but brains for the generals that we need."  If God will not be our leader and interpose for us our prospect is dark indeed.  O that he would remember that we are but dust -- & not try us beyond what we are able to bear.  
Dr. Jamieson formerly of Gallipolis but now of Darke county preached for us today a good sermon in which he gave utterance to many noble and patriotic ideas.  His text was Dan.  Dr. Jamieson & Mr. Curtis took tea with us.  Mr. W. D. Bailey brought in a nice basket of peaches and pears and a nice watermelon.

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