Sunday, August 12, 2012

Tuesday, Aug. 12, 1862

Mr. Dodge of Hanover N. H. here to tea and will spend the night.  He ws a contractor who built a considerable part of the Marietta and Cincinnati Railroad and is now here about the bridge which it is proposed to build over the Ohio at Parkersburg.  The bill authorizing the building of this railroad bridge passed Congress at its last session.  It is a measure of great utility to this part of Ohio and owes to William's brain and energy its inception and final passage.  Tonight's paper gives an account of a severe battle between Gen. Pope and Gen. Jackson near Culpepper, Va.  We think Rufus was not in the battle.

Peggy's comments:
Julia's nephew, Rufus Dawes, who had been in service for over a year, was about to participate in many battles.  He writes in Service with the Sixth Wisconsin Volunteers:
On the early morning of August 10th we left the old camp opposite Fredericksburgh, never to return.  The regiment marched twenty-one miles that day and on the eveing of the 11th arrived near the scene of Cedar Mountain battle.  General Jackson's army had retreated beyond the Rapidan.

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