Thursday, August 9, 2012

Saturday, Aug. 9, 1862

The 92nd regiment is recruiting or rather is being formed at Marietta.  The quota for Washington Co. is three hundred.  If the regiment is not full by the 15th men will be drafted to fill it up.  This drafting brings the war home to every fireside.  Women tremble for their husbands and sons.  Men feel reluctant to be drafted.  If they go at all they prefer to volunteer.  They come to talk the matter over with William and to leave their families in his care.  There will be five or six such families on our place.  Mr. A. ____ a good Union man, has an only child, a boy of very delicate constitution totally unfit for the hardships of the army.  It is said that he has taken him & his nephew _______ and gone to Canada where he now has a brother living.  I am afraid that the order of the Secretary of War arresting persons going to Canada to avoid Military service in to-days paper may give them trouble.  [a line is scratched out in the journal.]   I pity those who are obliged to go.  War is a terrible scourge.  Still we should put aside these selfish feelings, stand in our lot and do our duty.
We got two letters from Pana tonight.  Clara is a little better, for which I am thankful.

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