Monday, August 20, 2012

Wednesday, Aug. 20, 1862

William goes to Chillicothe.  Miss Cone and Charlie spend the day here.  George and Nancy have gone to Parkersburg to see friends in the 36th regiment which is expected in that place today on their way to join Gen'l Pope, (it is supposed).  There is an almost uninterrupted train of wagons filled with men, women and children bound for the same errand.  I saw Mr. Zearing with his wife and daughter and her little ones and the two Misses Skipton going down to see the four Zearing boys and Sam Skipton.  Persons on foot and on horseback augment the throng.  Skiffs and steamboats bear along a crowd to greet their soldier friends.  Extra trains of passenger cars pass along more than full, all showing how strong a hold our soldiers have upon the hearts at home.
The 36th regiment and four or five others from Gen. Cox division came up the Ohio on twenty five steam boats which were nearly all grounded at Blennerhasset and other points.  Some of the troops marched on foot to Parkersburg, others were brought upon steamers of light draft.  Hannah Temple & Maggie called.

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