Thursday, August 30, 2012

Saturday, August 30, 1862

The accounts from Minnesota are very horrible.  It is said that 1000 have been slain of the unarmed and unprotected settlers.  The Indians are besieging Fort Ridgely.  There seems to be no doubt that these savages have instigated in these deeds of blood by the rebels.  We can hear nothing definite from Dr. Williamson's family or from Marion, except that we learn that John Williamson is safe.  He was at Pana, Ill. on the 19th on his way to Ohio.  We rejoice that thus he is spared.
A great many men are passing on their way to town to get exemption from draft.  William who was up yesterday says the town was crowded.  These men are not all cowards.  Some are really physically unable, some not citizens; but some it is to be feared are de facto sneaks.  They would have saved their credit by staying at home as the probabilities are that no draft will be needed.
Mr. Bromley called.  He is a very conservative politician, is afraid that William denounces slavery too severely and is not tender enough of the feelings of Democrats, &c.  Thinks it would be a misfortune to lose this Congressional district but wants William to trim his sails so as not to fail if the support of Democrats; says that B-- says that William is only a "conditional Union man" &c.  Nancy Carlin went home today.  She will not return before the first of September to work.  Another great battle fought last Thursday between Gen. Pope and the rebels.  We think that Rufus and probably the 36th Ohio regiment were in it and dread to hear the result.

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