Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Friday May 17

Kate went to town to see Lucy who is sick.  Major Anderson of Sumpter, now Colonel, who has come west to take command of Kentucky troops, arrived in Cincinnati today.  A grand reception was given him.  There are said to be ten thousand southern troops at Memphis, Corinth and Randolph, awaiting orders to attack Cairo.  They are to rendezvous at Columbus, Ky., twenty miles from Cairo for a bold stroke.  It was telegraphed to Col. Prentiss a few days ago that Pillow with a large force was marching to attack him.  Prentiss replied, "Let him come.  We will teach him to dig his trench on the right side.  I am ready."  Cairo is said to be well manned and fortified.
Many millions of dollars are owed by southern men to citizens of the north.  These debts are now repudiated, producing much commercial distress.  At Memphis there is a reign of terror.  Four or five thousand northern men have been driven from the place almost at a moment's warning, many cruelly treated, some put to death.  Memphis, when compared with other southern cities, out Herods Herod in animosity and deadly hate to all loyal to the U. S. Government.

Editor's comments:
Kate and Lucy Dawes were sisters, both unmarried in 1861.  Kate (31) lived with the Cutlers in the Old Stone House and Lucy, a 28 year old teacher,  lived in town (Marietta).

The people in Kentucky were divided.  While many were sympathetic to the southern cause, many others did not want to secede.  Everyone was concerned about continuing good business relationships with neighboring states.  Kentucky's population was small compared to neighboring states and many people worried about being invaded.  In 1861, although Kentucky's governor Magoffin sympathized with the south, the legislature thought it was better to remain part of the union.  Kentucky decided to remain neutral and to prepare to defend itself against all invaders.  For more, see The history, civil, political and military, of the southern rebellion, from its incipient stages to its close by Orville James Victor.

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