Monday, May 30, 2011

Thursday May 30

Went in the morning to see little Charlie Bailey.  Found him quite sick.  He fell into their cistern night before last and nearly drowned.  He is now suffering from congestion of the lungs.  Mr. and Mrs. Munsell, Kate and I went up to the graveyard before dinner.  I went with our friends to Mr. Burgess' to tea.
It is reported that Bill Scott took up a horse to sell for the use of the flying artillery.  Gen. Buttles liked the horse and did not object to the price, but before the bargain was completed, some one informed the General that Scott was a secessionist.  Whereupon he told Scott he could go home with his horse, as he would have nothing to do with traitors.  Mr. Scott thereupon appealed to an acquaintance standing by to endorse his loyalty, which he declined to do.  Scott blustered, but by the time three or 400 men had gathered around, he "sang small".  
Ohio troops are advancing toward Grafton from Wheeling in connection with loyal Virginia troops from camp Carlisle on Wheeling Island.  The 14" and 18" are moving from Parkersburg toward the same point.  Col. Steadman of the 14" leads this movement.  They took possession of the telegraph and will of the railroad.  It is said that they frightened Judge Jackson so seriously that he being a secessionist has decamped.  Gen'l M'Clellan has issued a proclamation to loyal Virginians assuring them of protection for themselves and their property and their magnificent railroads.  We are all picking lint for the soldiers and making pin cushions for their convenience.

Editor's comments:
During the Civil War, women would "pick lint" from old clothes and it would be repacked to be used by surgeons as dressings for wounds.  Another way women could provide aid to soldiers was to prepare things that they needed.  Since soldiers would need to do their own mending, compact pin cushions filled with buckshot were made by women and sent to the regiments.  Here's a link to a pin cushion replica pattern.

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