Friday, May 13, 2011

Monday May 13

Lucy returned to town with William this morning.  Kate and Lizzie went up to the graveyard to plant some things on the grave of little Margaret Jane, our sweet baby.
There is some talk of forming a camp at Gravel Pit, near B. C. Bailey's, if troops are sent to this county.  We had our first thunder shower this afternoon.  How strange that civil and religious liberty can only be secured by a baptism of blood.  We know not how long this war may last.   It is on the part of the Government necessary and right and all true and loyal citizens cheerfully rally around the national standard.  And, yet, when I think of the horrors of civil war, I shudder at what must be.

Editor's comments:
  • Lucy Dawes, William's niece, was unmarried and lived in Marietta.  
  • Kate Dawes, Lucy's sister, lived in the Old Stone House with the Cutlers.
  • Lizzie and William Cutler's baby Margaret Jane had died April 18 and was buried in the Riverview Cemetery near where they lived.

Cutler plot, Riverview Cemetery

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