Sunday, May 29, 2011

Wednesday, May 29

Kate went with Mr. and Mrs. Munsell to Marietta.  Troops have been passing from Camp Putnam to Virginia.  The Lizzie Martin went down with part of the 18th regiment this morning to Parkersburg.  Going back she had on board the Gallia company under Capt. Aylshire.  They were wrapped in white blankets and looked rather grotesque.  Kate saw Capt. Aylshire in town and sent him a bouquet of flowers, red, white, and blue.  In the afternoon the Webster went down with two barges in tow having the remainder of the 18" regiment on board.  Their red uniforms were very showy.  They had also a splendid flag.  Returning again the Webster took down in the evening two companies of Light Artillery.  This looks as if something will be done in western Virginia soon.  Probably they will advance upon Grafton and dislodge the secessionists from that place.  Our troops were in high spirits, anxious to go and meet the rebels.  The issue is with God.  May He inspire that courage which will lead to valorous deeds.

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