Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Friday May 31

This morning rumors of a skirmish near Parkersburg in which one of the Union Blues is said to have been killed, also six secessionists --  probably not true.  Rumors of every description are afloat.  Lizzie and I took dinner at B. C. Bailey's with Mr. and Mrs. Munsell.  It is rumored that the secessionists had planned to burn Marietta and other towns in Ohio.  The Government troops are still advancing upon Virginia.  Lucy came down.  We prepared lint all day.

Editor's comments:
The immediacy of the war, even in the early stages, is apparent in Julia's journal entries as she expresses the concern for the Union Blues, a regiment from Ohio, the rumors of danger that their town might be invaded and burned, and the work of preparing lint to be used as bandages.

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