Friday, May 27, 2011

Monday May 27

This is Ephe's birthday.  He is now twenty-one.  
Mr. B. C. Bailey was here this morning, says the quarter masters like the ground at the Gravel Pit and will probably send some of the companies down this week to prepare the parade grounds etc.  
Lucy and Marion went to Marietta with William.

The 14th Regiment under Col. Steadman at Camp Putnam received orders last night after they were in bed to advance this morning into Virginia with six days rations.  They went to Parkersburg on the steamer Ohio and encamped expecting to advance upon Grafton (which is in possession of secession troops) by way of the Northwestern Railroad.  Quarter Master Kingsbury who dined here yesterday goes with his regiment into Virginia.  They were to leave Parkersburg today at four o'clock p.m.  The citizens of Marietta presented them with a beautiful stand of colors.  Soon they will be engaged in the fearful struggle.  God strengthen them to fight and shield them from dangers seen and unseen.  
The 18th, into which the Marietta Union Blues were mustered, arrives at Camp Putnam tonight from Athens.  They are mostly from southern Ohio.  
Bennet C. Bailey says from what he can learn of the state of feeling, the contest in Virginia will be fearful -- father against son -- brother against brother.  In the Cook family, cousins to the Bailey's, Paul is rabidly secession, Bennet as decidedly union, while James remains neutral.  
The reported battle at Sewall's Point is not confirmed.
Mr. McMasters called to wait for the train and train time has been again an hour later than before.

Editor's comments:
Ephe is Ephraim Dawes, Julia's nephew, (the son of Sarah Cutler Dawes, Julia's sister).  Julia was particularly close to the Dawes' nieces and nephews who returned to the Old Stone House to live in 1840.

Parkersburg, Virginia, is across the Ohio River from Marietta, Ohio.

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